Different sex fetishes

The human mind works in mysterious ways when it comes to sexual fetishes. Scientists believe that most people have unique erotic fantasies based on their own personal experience. This fact combined with today’s exposure to porn pictures has led to an ever-expanding category of fetishes. Some of them are very common, while others lie at the border between sexual satisfaction and mental disorder. The latter are the ones that interest researchers the most and here are the ones that will surely leave you scratching your head for a logical explanation:


Adult babies

Infantilism is on the rise in the top of sexual preferences of many adults across the world. The individuals possessed by this fetish like to pretend they are babies and cared for as such by women who pose as their wet nurses. Scientists have yet to find an answer for this fantasy, but they believe that the stress of adult life pushes many grown men into dressing as toddlers, crawling and sucking on their pacifiers.



Some people need a more brutal approach to be turned on during foreplay. Being spanked, hit or tied up are included in this unusual fetish which seems to grow in popularity every year. The psychological response elicited by this sexual practice is believed to satisfy one’s need for humiliation, submission or rough love.


Everybody likes to study the nakedness of other people from time to time. The biological interest in the human body is perfectly natural and it is best noticed in public areas like beaches or parks. However, some individuals are highly aroused by this fetish and they practice their guilty pleasure with every chance they get. These people are also known as voyeurs. The fantasy of admiring somebody’s sexual experience without them knowing used to be frowned upon. Today, this fetish has become a reliable business for live sex cams and peep show clubs.