Take a tour in the world of porn

The world of porn is an intricate universe which fascinates people worldwide. The internet allows easy access to erotic pictures from almost anywhere in the world. This fact has sparked a multi-global exchange of pornography, which varies from amateur erotica to professional productions. Here are just a few facts about the sexy and addictive world of porn:


Everybody watches porn

If someone denies that they have ever watched erotic pictures, do not befriend them! Those people are not to be trusted as everyone who had the smallest chance to see obscene photographs or videos has clearly done so. In fact, a scientific research of the University of Montreal failed to study men who do not watch porn simply because they could not find any.


Erotic pictures are the internet’s engine

The internet is a groundbreaking invention that eases the access to information and enables worldwide communication. However, the virtual world is also the main market for pornography. It is estimated that over 40% of the data exchanged between internet users is erotic material. Amateur pictures and porn movies seem to make the world go round and everybody is perfectly satisfied with that.

Women enjoy porn, too

It might come as a surprise but women like to spend their time on porn websites just as much as men do. It is estimated that one in every three visitors of an erotic channel is a lady. This has also become a scientific explanation for the rapid evolution of kinky fashion in the last three decades.

Amateur porn industry is huge

The advent of technology has allowed many internet users to post their own pornographic material online. Nowadays, it is believed that the entire amateur porn industry produces over $3,000 every second. This fact has convinced many anonymous users to enter the business and make a few bucks on the side from the erotic exposure of their sexual lives.